10 Creative Party Ideas Using Balloons

10 Creative Party Ideas Using Balloons
Birthday party? Bachelorette? Anniversary?

No matter what party you’ve got coming up, balloons are a surefire way to set the celebration mood!

Hosting a party can be stressful, especially the decorating part. However, with party balloons, there are so many ways to elevate the atmosphere.

Here are some creative party balloon ideas to try out at your next event:

Favor Bag Balloons

Choose balloons that suit your party theme. Opt for helium balloons, so they float. Tie each balloon to a small gift bag or party favor. The balloons will double as decor and a little gift. Favor bag balloons work well for:
  • Children’s birthday parties
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Work events/ milestone celebrations
  • Conferences

Lantern Balloons

One of the most magical balloon party ideas is lantern balloons. All you have to do is add a glowstick to the balloon before inflating. This will give the balloons a subtle glow that’s sure to “wow” your guests. These work especially well for nighttime events.

Confetti Balloons

Add confetti inside any standard balloon to give it some pizzaz. When you add to clear balloons, confetti stans out and adds sparkle to your party. However, you can also use confetti balloons for gender reveals by placing either pink or blue confetti in a dark-colored balloon.

Mini Birthday Cake Balloons

Use teeny tiny balloons to decorate a birthday cake! Fill the small balloons and attach them to wooden skewers. Stick the skewers in the cake at various heights to create a mini balloon bouquet on top of the cake!

Pool Party Balloons

Party balloons aren’t just for land and sky, they also make great pool decor. Fill up balloons and set them to float on top of your pool. If your party is at night, add glow sticks to the balloons as well.

Balloon Bubbles

One of the simplest creative balloon ideas is to create wall decor with different-sized balloons. Fill up small, medium, and large balloons of the same color pallets. Attach them to the wall for a fun 3D bubble effect.

Ice Cream Balloons

Make regular balloons look like ice cream by rolling brown construction paper into a cone shape. Tape the cone to the bottom of the balloon and there you have it! Fill with helium for floating cones or opt for regular air and tape them where you’d like. 

Balloon Party Invitations

Attach an uninflated balloon to each invitation. Encourage each guest to create their own balloon masterpiece, filling it and decorating it as they wish. Have the guests bring their balloons to the event and use the guest-made balloons as one-of-a-kind decor!

Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are a dramatic decor element that draws eyes. Assemble balloons in your color panel to create an arch. Secure the arch to a door frame or to the floor.

Photo Wall

One of our favorite balloon party ideas is a balloon photo wall! There are so many ways to create a cute wall for photos using balloons. It helps fill white space and gives your guests the perfect photo op. All you need to do is fill up and tape balloons to cover one wall completely.

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