Birthday Balloons: Why Do We Use Them For Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Balloons: Why Do We Use Them For Birthday Celebrations

Some of the most common images that come to mind when you hear “birthday celebration” are cake, presents, and balloons.

Birthday celebration balloons are now the standard for a birthday party, but where did they come from?

The story behind birthday celebration balloons is actually quite interesting!

The Original Purpose of Balloons

Believe it or not, balloons weren’t always used to symbolize celebrations. At first, balloons were used for transportation and science experiments! Looking back this seems quite odd, or even comical.

In 1824, Michael Faraday created the first rubber balloon. The purpose was for his science lab. He layered two sheets of rubber and then sealed them at the edges. He watched them ascend when filled with hydrogen but noted that the balloons let the hydrogen out quite fast.

Next, Thomas Hancock created a balloon-making kit. British entrepreneurs began making balloons of stronger, more elastic vulcanized rubber. Shortly after, by 1873, more people were tuning into the uses of balloons.

Balloons made their way to the U.S. in 1907, and their popularity began to rise that century. The first animal balloon shapes began in the late 1930s. 

Balloons Became a Classic Birthday Motif

Fast forward and birthday celebration balloons are a classic symbol of a party. People around the world use balloons at birthday parties. They’ve stuck so well because they are inexpensive and colorful.

Balloons delight both kids and adults. The “technology” of balloons has not changed too much, but the design options and creativity with them have evolved immensely. Now, there are limitless ways to use balloons for birthday celebrations for people of all ages.

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