How to Inflate Helium Balloons –
Proper Technique & Pro Tips

How to Inflate Helium Balloons – Proper Technique & Pro Tips

Helium balloons are the perfect addition to any event. They can transform any space into a party space, and guests of all ages love the way they float.

Of course, helium is the primary factor that differentiates these balloons.

While it’s easy to simply blow air into a regular balloon, it’s not as easy for helium ones.

For this reason, many people wonder how to fill helium balloons.

Keep reading for the technique for how to blow up a helium balloon.

How to Fill Helium Balloons with a Helium Tank

The most common strategy for blowing up a helium balloon is with a helium tank. First, you need to calculate how much helium you need based on how many balloons you have and what size they are. Many companies offer online charts to help you figure this out.

Then, you need to rent or buy the tank. Evaluate how often you plan to use helium balloons to determine which makes sense for you.

Based on the type of balloons you have and the weather, determine the best time to fill the balloons. Ideally, fill them close to your event time/ day for the best results.

Attach the balloon valve to the tank nozzle, ensuring it’s properly screwed on. Make sure you have the right adapter for the balloon material you have. Attach your balloon to the nozzle and then release helium into it. Balloons inflate quickly, so be careful not to overfill.

Carefully remove the balloon and tie the bottom. Feel free to add a ribbon or string if you want! Keep in mind that helium floats, so if you’re doing this outside, you’ll need to secure the balloons.

Tips for how to Blow Up Helium Balloons at Home

Blowing up helium balloons is possible but can be tricky. Here are some other tips to help:

  • Mylar balloons tend to last 2-14 days
  • Latex balloons only last 4-16 hours
  • Extreme heat may burst foil balloons
  • Do not over inflate latex balloons or they may pop
  • Rather than using boring weights, secure the balloons to a balloon garland or arch.

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