How To Make A Graduation Balloon Arch

How To Make A Graduation Balloon Arch

Whether you’re planning a graduation party or just want to celebrate a special occasion with your family and friends, balloon arches can be an easy and fun way to add some pizzazz!

Here are the steps to creating your own balloon arch:

Choose The Colors

Pick out the colors of balloons that you want to use. You might consider using one color for each letter in your graduate’s name, or you could choose colors that represent their current school, future school, favorite sport, or hobby.

Divide Balloons

Once you’ve chosen your colors, place them in separate bags/containers so that you can they easily divide them at the end of construction.

Prepare Arch Mold

Cut pieces of cardboard into equal lengths. You will need enough pieces to cover the distance between two stands (or whatever surface you decide to hang your arch from). If you have multiple strings of balloons, cut enough cardboard pieces so that they will span over each string without touching (you’ll need to stagger them).

Blow Up Balloons

The next step is to blow up all of your balloons! It may sound simple enough, but it can take a lot of time (and lung power) to make a sizeable arch. Recruit helpers to speed up the process, or use a pump to blow up your balloon arch for your graduation party.

Attach Balloons

Take one cardboard piece and glue a string of balloons onto it vertically from top to bottom. Leave about 1/2 inch between each row of balloons so that there is room for them to expand when filled with helium gas later on down the line! Repeat this step until all of your strings are attached onto one piece

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