Unique Tips for Christmas Decoration with Balloon

Unique Tips for Christmas Decoration with Balloon

Decorating for Christmas helps bring the holiday and festivities to life for many people. Whether you’re having a holiday party or just looking to add some cheer to your home or business, Christmas decorations with balloons are a great option.

Here are a few Christmas balloon ideas to consider!

Balloon Tree

Add a fun twist to a classic tree by creating a Christmas tree from balloons! Arrange balloons of different sizes that are mostly green (with one gold star balloon for the top). Use three large balloons to create the base, then add a layer of medium balloons on top. As you move up layers, add smaller balloons. Use ribbon to tie balloons together as you go. You can also add glitter, ribbons, and other decorations to liven up your “tree!”

Snowman From Balloons

Another fun, festive Xmas balloon idea is to make a snowman. This is a great option if you have a winter party that’s not centered on a specific holiday. All you need are some white balloons, one long and one round. Inflate them, and use the long, white balloon for the body. Attach round one on top as the head. Use craft paper to create the nose, eyes, and any other decorations!

Ornament Garland

There are plenty of Christmas balloon garland ideas to consider! One easy one is a “string of lights” garland. Use a ribbon as the base string. Roll pieces of green construction or craft paper into small funnels and attach them to the ribbon. Be sure to spread them out evenly. Then, blow up small balloons of different colors. Opt for classic blue, yellow, and red, or choose colors that fit your holiday decor. Attach one small balloon to each paper funnel to make “light bulbs.”

Classic Holiday Arch

Make an entrance statement and photo-ready station with a Christmas balloon arch. Ideas for this are endless! Stick with classic Christmas colors and arrange balloons into an arch, or add specialty balloons for some extra flair.

Get your Christmas Balloon Decorations

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