6 WAYS To Make Your Party Eco Friendly

by SEO TEAM on October 27, 2021
6 WAYS To Make Your Party Eco Friendly

Parties are definitely a ton of fun!

But they can also create a ton of waste if you aren’t careful. 

Fortunately, we can take care of the planet while still having a great time. 

There are many eco-friendly party decorations to consider. 

Let’s dive into some eco-friendly party ideas!

Eco-Friendly Party Decorations 

Party decorations can create a lot of waste, especially when only used for one event. Rethinking your decor is one of the best ways to have a sustainable party. Some environmentally friendly party decorations tips include:

  • Make DIY decorations from things you already have
  • Decorate with flowers and plants
  • Opt for reusable decorations you can use for multiple events 

Eco-Friendly Party Ideas for Invitations 

Designing invitations is exciting, but once the event is over they end up in the trash. You can still have a great time crafting digital invitations. Opt for e-vites instead of hard copy invites. You can share them via email, social media, or message. Not a graphic designer? Don’t worry! There are tons of simple, free resources out there like Canva.com. 

Reusable Glassware 

Paper plates and plastic cutlery may be easy, but they are not easy on our planet. Opt for reusable tableware. Guess what, it doesn’t have to be your best glass dishware! Maybe you even have a dedicated set of supplies for all of your parties. Either way, choose reusable over disposable. 

Plan for the Leftovers 

What will you do with any leftover food or treats? Food waste is another huge issue. Plan ahead for how to handle leftovers. If you know it’s too much for your family, maybe you can let guests take some home.

Balloon Decorations Mississauga

What about eco-friendly birthday decorations? Are you doomed to give up balloons? 

Not quite!

There are still plenty of eco-friendly party ideas for balloons. 

For one, you can opt for biodegradable latex balloons. Beyond that, do not let balloons go into the environment.  Ensure that they are secured and that you dispose of them properly. Furthermore, you can opt for one or two professional balloon decorations rather than a ton of smaller ones. 

Balloons and Beyond is committed to helping you enjoy fun balloon decorations in Mississauga while still keeping your party eco-friendly. Shop our online balloon shop today or contact us for custom balloons!