Confetti Balloons

Confetti Balloons

Two things scream party: balloons and confetti.

Get the best of both worlds with our incredible confetti balloons!

That’s right. Balloons and confetti come together in one amazing party decoration with confetti balloons.

No matter what you are celebrating, confetti balloons are sure to add smiles, laughter, and fun.

Many of our clients love to use confetti balloons for baby shower balloons. We fill the balloons with confetti of your choice. Choose the classic pink confetti balloons to announce a baby girl and blue confetti balloons for a boy. Of course, you can pick any colour of your choice to celebrate!

But baby showers are just the beginning. Confetti balloons are great for New Years, big announcements, birthdays, and more. Some of our customers’ favorite confetti balloon styles include:

  • Gold confetti balloons
  • Rose gold confetti balloons
  • Silver confetti balloons
  • Birthday confetti balloons
  • And many more!

Take your next event to the next level with confetti balloons! For high-quality, stunning balloons with confetti, look no further than Balloons and Beyond. We offer a wide array of balloons with confetti. Choose your favorite today! Looking for something super special? We also create custom balloon designs for pickup or delivery. Shop our online balloon store or order custom balloons today by calling (289) 684-2762.