4 Ways to Blow Up a Balloon

4 Ways to Blow Up a Balloon

Balloon decorations are a simple way to take your party to the next level. Whether you have a birthday, wedding, graduation party, baby shower, or holiday party coming up, balloon decorations are a surefire way to delight your guests.

However, some of the best balloon decorations require the most balloons. If you are decorating a large space or looking to make an elaborate balloon design, you’ll need quite a lot of balloons.

Of course, you can spend hours trying to blow them up by your mouth, but there are definitely better strategies for balloon blowing.

Here are a few options for how to blow up a balloon.

How to Inflate a Balloon 101: Mouth

Balloon blowing with your mouth is the tried and true way many people inflate balloons. If you are going with this route, opt for latex balloons since they are thinner. Make sure to first stretch out the balloon to warm it up. Stretch out the balloon neck to ensure good airflow, and then blow into the balloon. This method works best if you just need to do a few balloons. If you have aspirations for a larger design or a lot of balloons, this method will be a nightmare.

Hand Pump Balloon Blowing

Another option is to use a hand pump to inflate the balloons. This is far easier than using your mouth. They can allow you to blow up balloons a bit faster and without nearly as much of a headache. You will need a hand-pump, which you can find on Amazon or in many party supply stores.

While this method makes it easier to blow up a few more balloons, it’s still fairly slow and should only be used when you need just a few balloons.

Electric Balloon Inflator

A step up from the hand pump is an electric balloon inflator. These are available for personal use and work much quicker than the other methods. However, it can take some practice to be able to use this machine efficiently. If you don’t throw events often, it may not make sense to invest in one.

Professional Balloon Blowing

If you’re looking for high-quality balloon decorations, then the best option is to purchase balloon arrangements from a professional. When you buy your event balloons from Balloons and Beyond, you don’t have to worry about filling them up. Our balloon experts have the equipment and knowledge to fill up all of your balloon decorations, so they’re ready for you.

No need to worry about how to inflate a balloon, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking for helium balloons or balloons with regular air, our team will get it done. Shop now for balloons for your next event!