5 Exclusive Tips on Buying Helium Balloons

5 Exclusive Tips on Buying Helium Balloons

When you think of a celebration, balloons are one of the most popular things to come to mind.

Balloons are simple decor pieces that can transform any space into a fun party zone. They come in so many different colors, styles, and arrangements that it’s easy to find the perfect ones for your event.

While balloons filled with regular air can be used for centerpieces, arches, and more, there’s something special about helium balloons.

If you’re wondering how to buy helium balloons for your next celebration, we’ve got just the answer.

Read on for helpful tips on helium balloons.

What is Helium?

Helium is a non-poisonous gas. This gas is extremely light, which makes it float in the air. When you fill up balloons with helium, they float. Beware, this does mean they can float away if they are not anchored or contained! Helium is generally safe. However, inhaling too much can cause suffocation or lung damage. Always watch kids with a close eye to ensure they are not opening up helium balloons to breathe in the gas.

Tips for Helium Balloons

Helium balloons can add a spark of magic to your party! However, they don’t last forever. Eventually, the helium leaks out of the balloon. Here are helpful tips for getting the most of your helium balloons:

  • Carry only one bouquet of balloons in each hand. This helps keep them tangle-free and ensures you don’t drop any!
  • Use weights at the bottom of a helium balloon or bouquet to keep it from floating away.
  • Cold, heat, humidity, and wind can defuse the balloons early. Keep them in a moderately-tempered environment. If your event is not until the next day (or you want to reuse the balloons multiple days in a row) do not keep them outside overnight.
  • Darker balloons absorb heat faster, which can lead to popping if they’re in a hot place. If your event will be in a hot area, use lighter-colored balloons and an option for darker ribbon decorations.
  • Choose the right helium balloons for your event. Helium balloons come in many variations and decor options. You aren’t limited to just basic colors, so make sure you get helium balloons that you and your guests will love.

Where Can You Buy Helium Balloons?

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